Graceville Christian Center

Teens Church

The teens church is a place for teenagers to find their sense of belonging, purpose and passion in God, thereby helping them to be equipped for the life ahead of them. Here teens can expect passionate worship,insightful and exciting messages, loving atmosphere and opportunities for them to express their God given giftings.

Seeds Church

Seeds is a place and community for young folks to find purpose, passion and identity in God. Here, pre-teens can expect to experience heartfelt worship, inspiring messages, a caring and supportive community and opportunities to express their God given talents and giftings.


Quivers is a place for all children to meet, learn, play and experience the wonderful love of God personally. There are 3 groups, one for the Juniors (Age 0-3), the Intermediates (Age 4-7), and the Seniors (Age 8-9).
Kids can expect exciting Biblical lessons, games, friendly teachers, and a caring community to flourish in.
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